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Medical Marijuana Names

Medical Marijuana Certification Center of Connecticut
Medical Marijuana Certification Center of Connecticut

What’s going on in CT with naming medical marijuana? Mom comes home from the dispensary and tells Dad she bought “Hybridol BC H T27 10459”. Dad said his street doctor told him to get “Ice Cream Cake” to be relaxed, happy and euphoric with no dizzy or headache effects to help him with his anxiety and stress. How does everyone know which medical marijuana they are talking about and how it will affect Dad?

The CT dispensary has names like “Hybridol BC H”, “Cannabidiol F SC” and “Indicol BC”. Everywhere else uses names like “Ice Cream Cake”, “Blue Dream x California Orange CBD” and “Sunset Sherbet” respectively. I believe the state wants to ensure that their medicine has pharmaceutically-inspired names. Unfortunately the names look nothing like those in the mainstream market.

How can we get from one name to another?

Dabbin Dad

Fortunately we have Dabbin Dad to help us translate from the CT pharmaceutical name to the worldwide marijuana name. A friend of Bohemian High and The Grove maintains the Dabbin Dad database in his spare time so it might not be 100% up to date. Hey, let’s give the guy a break he works hard like everyone else. He is also an activist, a blogger, an intragyral part of the NORML community, a Marine and the list goes on…

With Dabbin Dad you can know either the street name or the medical name and enter it in the search field. The result is a picture of the product, grower, DCP approved name and street name. If the “Read More” link is clicked the cannabinoid and terpene profiles are displayed in detail.

Dabbin Dad provids a link to Download the Dabbin Dad app so you can carry the strain list with you. The web site also provides Lifestyle information, Connecticut medical marijuana resources and much more.

How can we decide on what strain to get for my condition?


Once you figure out how to translate the medical marijuana names, the next question is which strain matches my condition? Leafly has a Strain Explorer where you can click on the “Feeling” or “Condition” you want to experience from your medical marijuana choice. Once you click on the appropriate link you are provided a list of strains that will produce the desired effect.

In retrospect, you might want to start with the Leafly Strain explorer, then convert to the CT medical name. Once converted, go to your dispensary’s menu to see of they have the desired strain. Unfortunately, there are only four growers in CT that provide all our medical marijuana so variety and availability are not at the level everyone would like. That said, be sure to make a list of the strains you’d like and convert them so that you you are armed with plenty of options.

CT Medical Marijuana Conclusion:

Both Dabbin Dad and Leafly provide advertisement opportunities, a list of dispensaries, education, and tons of information about marijuana and the holistic community. They are both great resources.

If you would like to see if you qualify for the Medical Marijuana Program here in Connecticut click on the link below to schedule an appointment. It takes moments to understand if you qualify and under 30 minutes total time (the process itself takes a couple of days) to get your certification.