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In our event space we have six 4 foot by 8 foot spaces to hang wall art. You can have just one panel or as many panels that are available. There are other options also, but lets not get to complicated here.

The concept: We arrange a time for you to come in and place your art, with prices, in your area of the event space. We leave the art hanging for 30 days. During that time we work together and organize an OPENING NIGHT for you to invite your friends, families, and other guests to view and hopefully purchase your work. Opening night can be as basic or as extravagant as you’d like. You can even arrange valet parking. Opening night costs are absorbed by the artist.

Financial: The Grove takes 18% (10% for The Grove, 6.35% for state tax and 1.65% to the cc companies) and you get the rest, tax free.

Your Responsibilities:
– Hang your art securely so a simple bump on the display cage will not dislodge the art
– Organize an Opening Night within the first two weeks
– Post on social media at least once a week
– Arrange to pick up your art within the 30 days

– Schedule a closing night during the last week

Complete the form below to request a space.