CannaHealth @ The Grove

In April, the Grove worked out a deal with CannaHealth to help patients acquire their medical marijuana cards. On May 1st we opened the doors and certified five patients and did not certify one patient. I, personally feel great about our process, the clinician and our space mainly because we are legit and not just a rubber stamp certifying machine.

On May 8th we had some issues with scheduling, too many patients were scheduled at the same time resulting in longer than acceptable wait times, up to 1.5 hours. We immediately reviewed the scheduling process and made some changes.

Today, May 15th, nobody that was processed was here more than 1 hour. The 1 hour includes intake, completing initial paperwork, paperwork review prior to clinician visit, visiting with the clinician and registering with the state. Our goal is to get the entire process below 45 minutes.

Thank you to a great team and a continually improving process.