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Medical Marijuana Certification Center of Connecticut

Art, education and entertainment, the list is never ending. That’s a pretty bold statement, but true. For instance, we have held comedy shows with 30 people in attendance, one-on-one painting classes, Paint and Sip workshops, and a lot more. Additionally, we have access to both male and female justice of the peace to perform weddings, access to caterers to provide food. If you can imagine an indoor event with under 31 people, we can probably do it. Further, we have access to the parking lot adjacent to Bohemian High and have held multiple small festivals in that parking lot. In short. if you can imagine an outdoor event with less that 500 people, we can work that out too. Finally, we can get you a Medical Marijuana card here in CT.

We have 3 sections to The Grove.
  • The front area where Go-Go Joe’s coffee shop was is a small space with a beautiful big store front window. As a result, this space is available for someone wanting to try a brick-and-mortar for retail. For example, say you are making cupcakes at your home kitchen and you want to see if people like them, this space is a great space to try that out. In short, low cost and high visibility with plenty of parking.
  • The middle area is our indoor event space. It is a 14X29 foot area where we hold most of our indoor events. Paint and Sip, Private Paint and Toke, Meditation, podcast … In addition, this space also doubles as our art gallery. There are at least six different artist’s paintings on display. This space can be used by artists to do some sort of open house to showcase their work. We have done multiple podcasts in this space.
  • The back area or office space is where I work most of the time and where we do the Medical Marijuana Certifications for Connecticut. We are not a red stamp location, you need to have a qualified reason for a card for our clinician to certify you. There are two desks in the office. Therefore, anyone needing a temporary office space can definitely move me out and move in the next day or even the next hour.

We have many furnishings, tools, electronics and more for use. Projectors, speakers, mixers, microphones, lights, tents, chairs, stages, tables…

If you are thinking of doing something that needs a space, check us out. You can stop in anytime Bohemian High is open and ask to see the space, we will be happy to show it to you.

Call 203-301-4006 or 203-301-4097 to schedule an appointment or to just talk to see if we can accommodate your idea or event.

Medical Marijuana Card Connecticut

If you would like to schedule an appointment to see if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Connecticut, please visit our Request Appointment page and complete the form. We will respond within one business day.